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Assembly House studio shot
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Julia Pomeroy (b.1998) is an oil painter from London. She is currently studying an MFA at City and Guilds London School of Art and has been awarded the Leverhulme Scholarship to fund her course. She was based in Leeds for the last six years, and was previously a studio holder at Assembly House, Armley. Pomeroy completed her foundation year at City and Guilds Art School in 2017, and graduated from Leeds Arts University's BFA course in 2020 with a First-Class Honours.

In my painting practice, I convey the emotional impact of living artificial age on human psychology. Through abstracting painting processes, I create a feeling of hyper-existence, juxtaposed over scenes of figures in our everyday life and in nature. Contrasting my interpretation of the virtual world with our physical experiences.

My painting processes question the boundaries of what makes up our reality today, resulting in something primal and sci-fi. My process is harmonising and conflicting expressive oil marks with flattened and blurring squeegeed or spray painted grounds, sometimes working with stencils and elements of realism too. This challenges ideas on connection, between the different layers of paint in my paintings, and the narratives my figures are found in. Vibrant colours, strong contrasts, and broken-up gestural marks simulate the artificiality of modern existence while simultaneously conveying our emotional reactions today.

Inspired by digital photos of personal experiences, found online imagery, pop culture and art history, my work aims to reflect a feeling of simulated spaces through narratives of the everyday and nature. Ultimately, aiming to immortalise contemporary emotions in light of the virtual world and analyse the contemporary sublime.

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